Thor’s Helmet – NGC 2359


Thor’s Helmet is a cosmic cloud which lies about 12 thousand light years away and has a width of about 30 light years.  I imaged this with a 6 inch refractor and narrow band filters.  Additional information can be found on Astrobin.

One thought on “Thor’s Helmet – NGC 2359

  1. Hello Astro La Vista Observatory!
    Any new stellar images from 2018?
    I haven’t posted much in 2018 either–we bought a new house in Texas that was sloppily-built (that’s an understatement). 6 cracks so far in the foundation–house is tilting and racking (twisting).
    All of my creativity is being spent trying to deal with the unscrupulous builder. Actually, at this point, I wish I lived far away on some distant star, light years away…….

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