New Astro La Vista Store

New Astro Photography Store at

Over the years Jim Matzger has done quite a bit of Astro Photography at the Astro La Vista Observatory. He has become a highly regarded Astro Photographer in the Astrobin Community where he is currently ranked among the top 30 Astro Photographers among a total membership of over 50,000. Having accumulated a large body of beautiful Astro Photos, Jim is now offering his finest images to the public. Over the years he has used Aluminized Metallic Photos as his media of choice and has mounted them throughout his homes in Prescott, Az. and Borrego Springs, Ca. Many visitors have noted the beauty of these images and have requested that he make them available to others. Now, after many years of pondering such an idea, Jim has opened an online gallery where folks can conveniently buy his creations in an Aluminized Metallic Photo format. These photos have a wood backing that allows them to float 3/4 inches away from the wall. They can be mounted with the hardware provided, or with command strips. Over time he will rapidly expand his inventory of beautiful Astro Photos, so be sure to check the box to “Follow” his store. You can take a look at his store at his new website Come and take a look. You will not be disappointed.

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