365 Starry Nights
An Observer’s Guide to Comet Hale-Bopp
A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy – Martinez and Klotz
Advanced Amateur Astronomy – Gerald North
Astronomy: An Introduction for the Amateur Astronomer – Mitton
Astronomy Today – Chaisson and McMillan
Astrophotography: An Introduction – Arnold
Astrophotography for the Amateur – Michael Covington
Atlas of the Moon
Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory – Hicks
Burnham’s Celestial Handbooks
CCD Astrophotography – Adam Stuart
Deep Map 600 – Wil Triton
Deep Sky Wonders: A Tour… – Sue French
Deep Sky Companions: The Messier Objects – Steve O’Meara
Deep Space Image Catalog – Roger Blake
Digitizing the Universe from your Back Yard – Vanderbei
Double Stars for Small Telescopes – Sissy Haas
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars – Patrick Moore
Herschel 400 Observing Guide – Steve O’Meara
History of Astronomy – John Lankford
Hubble’s Universe – Terence Dickenson
Intro to Webcam Astrophotography – Reeves
Lunar and Planetary Webcam User’s Guide – Mobberley
Making Beautiful Deep Sky Images – Greg Parker
Norton’s 2000 – Ian Ridpath
Observing Comets – North
Observing Variable Stars – David Levy
Seasons and the Celestial Sphere – VanDamme and Harriman
Setting Up a Small observatory – Patrick Moore
Sky and Telescope Caldwell Card
Sky and Telescope Messier Card
Sky and Telescope’s Pocket Sky Atlas
Sky Atlas 2000 – Wil Tirion
Skyguide – Chartrand and Wimmer
Skyshooting – Mayall
Solar Astronomy Handbook – Beck
Star-Hopping – Robert Garfinkle
Starware – Harrington
Sun, Moon and Planets – VanDamme and Harriman
The 20-CM Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope – Manly
The Amateur Astronomer – Vanderbei
The Amateur Astronomer’s Intro to the Celestial Sphere – Millar
The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy – David Ratledge
The Audobon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky – Chartrand
The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide – Dickenson and Dyer
The Cambridge Double Star Atlas – Mullaney and Triton
The Great Atlas of the Sky by Piotr Brych
The Guide to Amateur Astronomy – Newton & Teece
The Logical Leap – David Harriman
The Messier Album – Mallas and Kreimer
The New CCD Astronomy – Wodaski
The Night Sky Book – Jamie Jobb
The Night Sky Observers Guides – Kepple Sanner
The Observer’s Guide to Astronomy – Martinez
The Sky: 1936-1941 DVD
The Sky and Telescope Digital Collection
The Stars – H. A. Rey
The Stars – VanDamme and Harriman
The Telescope 1933-1941 DVD
Touring the Universe through Binoculars – Harrington
Turn Left at Orion – Consolmagno and Davis
Solar Astronomy Handbook – Beck
Star Vistas – Parker and Carboni
Understanding Variable Stars – Percy
Uranometria 2000
Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky – Clark

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