Panstaars C/2012 K1 (Update)

Panstaars C/2012 K1 (Update)

This is the latest photo of this comet. It was imaged using a Hyperstar lens at F2 on a Celestron C11 Edge HD with a Starlight Xpress H9C color camera. The best of 90 images were stacked using Maxim DL and then the image was processed further in Photoshop CS6. The individual exposures ranged between 30 and 300 seconds.

M13 – Great Hercules Cluster


“M13 is generally considered the finest globular cluster in the northern skies, mainly because it is visible to the naked eye in a well-known grouping of stars that sails high overhead in the summer sky. It is a swollen mass teaming with perhaps 300,000 to a half-million suns spread across 140 light years or more.”

Stephen James O’Meara
“Deep-Sky Companions – The Messier Objects”

M13 was taken in monochrome with a Luminosity Filter. The best two of five 120 second photos were stacked. The Telescope was the Celestron C11 EdgeHD at F7 and the camera was a QSI 583wsg. Processed in Photoshop CS6 and Maxim DL.