Milky Way Photo Shoots take you to interesting Dark Sky locations!

In case you were in any doubt, the Astro La Vista Observatory Website is a hobby site, not a business site. I left the business world some years ago and am lucky to be able to spend my time not only photographing the night sky from the Astro La Vista Observatory, but also on MilkyContinue reading “Milky Way Photo Shoots take you to interesting Dark Sky locations!”

About Starizona Hyperstar…

Starizona Hyperstar is a device sold by Starizona to convert a slow f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope into a super fast F/2 camera lens. The idea always seemed appealing to me since I have a Celestron EdgeHD 11 inch Schmidt Cassegrain to use it on. Some years ago I bought a Starizona Hyperstar device, but sadlyContinue reading “About Starizona Hyperstar…”