The Propeller Nebula is a very faint emission nebula in Cygnus. This is a stacked group of 30 five minute exposures in H-Alpha and 30 five minute exposures in O3 for a total exposure time of five hours. It was taken through the Astro-Physics 130mm Starfire Refractor and the QSI 690wsg camera.    


With the improving weather I was able to finish this off. The benefits of longer exposures are starting to pay off. The image is a stacked composite of 90 five minute narrow band exposures taken through the Astro Physics 130MM Starfire refractor for a total exposure time of 7.5 hours. It was processed in MaximContinue reading “PELICAN NEBULA”

PELICAN NEBULA – Work in Progress

Well, the weather is turning bad, so I don’t know when I will be able to add data to this narrow band photo of the Pelican Nebula. I would like to add a little more color and some more detail. So far I have stacked 10 five minute H-Alpha images and 10 five minute OIIIContinue reading “PELICAN NEBULA – Work in Progress”