Mosaic of the Cygnus Region of the Milky Way

This is a mosaic of 18 separate panels taken through an H-Alpha filter with the Rokinon 135mm f2.0 lens piggy backed on the Celestron C11 telescope.  Each panel was produced by stacking 20 images comprised of 5 and 10 minute exposures.  The total exposure time was 45 hours.  The picture includes the Veil Nebula, North American Nebula, Pelican Nebula, TulipContinue reading “Mosaic of the Cygnus Region of the Milky Way”


The Propeller Nebula is a very faint emission nebula in Cygnus. This is a stacked group of 30 five minute exposures in H-Alpha and 30 five minute exposures in O3 for a total exposure time of five hours. It was taken through the Astro-Physics 130mm Starfire Refractor and the QSI 690wsg camera.    


With the improving weather I was able to finish this off. The benefits of longer exposures are starting to pay off. The image is a stacked composite of 90 five minute narrow band exposures taken through the Astro Physics 130MM Starfire refractor for a total exposure time of 7.5 hours. It was processed in MaximContinue reading “PELICAN NEBULA”