Solar 05/23/2016

Both images were imaged with a Lunt 80mm solar scope and an Imaging Source camera at 30 FPS. The first image was magnified an additional 2.5x with a Barlow lens. Ten thousand images were taken in each case and the best 20% were stacked. The images were captured with IC Capture, stacked in Autostakkert, sharpened in Registax, and then processed in Photoshop.



Mercury Transit


All of the images were taken with an 80mm Lunt Solar Telescope and an Imaging Source video camera. The image at the bottom was a composite of 25 of the best images out of 100 and had no further magnification. The second image was a composite of 50 of the best images out of 200 and was magnified 5x with a Televue Barlow. The top image was magnified 5x with Televue Barlow and involved 50 stacked images out of 200.


Solar 03/29/2016

imageimageThis was taken through the Astro-Physics 130mm refractor using a Lunt Herschel wedge and an Imaging Source video camera. The Lunt wedge produces a white light image which was converted to something resembling an H-Alpha reddish tone. I have never tried this configuration before and was a little surprised at the amount of detail in the final image. The best of 2000 images were stacked.