I was surprised to see the gremlin’s face when I processed this image of the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). This was obtained by stacking about 13 hours of exposures (39×10 minutes and 28×15 minutes) taken with the Astro-Physics f6.3 130mm refractor in combination with the QSI 690 camera. My Astro-Physics mount is getting more accurate as time goes on, so these exposures were done with no guide camera. I hope to gather more detail on this nebula over time.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Spooky. It is quite a surprise when you take a photo and don’t see the “something” looking at you until later. I took a few photos of tree roots and did not see the rather evil looking thing staring out at me. Even though I realized that the image was just a shape made out of the roots, it really scared me when it “appeared” on my computer screen (I was sitting in the basement of my house–in the dark–when I first saw it). It still gives me chills. It’s the last photo on this page: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/66201525/781 Happy Halloween to you too!!
    Happy Halloween!!

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