Bubble Nebula – Wide Angle View



With clouds hanging over the observatory, there is another option. You can process raw images from a remote observatory. Raw images for this project were taken last September from a remote imaging observatory that is located in New Mexico at an elevation of 7400 feet. The telescope was a 106mm Takahashi FSQ 106EDXIII telescope. A total of over 100 half hour narrow band exposures were stacked for a total exposure time of 50 hours. This is actually a two panel mosaic that was stitched together with Microsoft ICE. Other software included Adobe Photoshop, Maxim DL, and Pixinsight.


I was surprised to see the gremlin’s face when I processed this image of the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). This was obtained by stacking about 13 hours of exposures (39×10 minutes and 28×15 minutes) taken with the Astro-Physics f6.3 130mm refractor in combination with the QSI 690 camera. My Astro-Physics mount is getting more accurate as time goes on, so these exposures were done with no guide camera. I hope to gather more detail on this nebula over time.

Happy Halloween!